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Who Will We Be Tomorrow?

Earlier today, I found an old poem I wrote on July 24, 2001, while muddling through my files. It was a poem that also appeared in one of my film/animation shorts all those years ago highlighting the state of the world at that time, which was pre-9/11.

Nearly 17 years later, and it appears we are no better off and may, in fact, be worse.

Who Will We Be Tomorrow?

With arms outstretched, my weary head

Did beg and plead in sorrow

As I took the world up in my hands

And said,

"Who will we be tomorrow?"

The aching in my broken heart

Looked for some peace but to borrow,

While offering up portions, I found there was none

So tell me,

Who will we be tomorrow?

The harsh words echo in my head

Of every thought so broad and narrow,

While no one seems to think to themselves,

"Who will we be tomorrow?"

A little child took to his mother's hand

In search of a leader to follow -

Oh Mother, where your footsteps lead

You must ask,

"Who will we be tomorrow?"

"Mother Nature In Mourning" by Lisa Ruth

Photo still "Mother Nature in Mourning" from film short "Who Will We Be Tomorrow?"

Model: Maja Kalabic

Filmed by Lisa Ruth

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